What Causes Anger and How do I Manage it?

There are basic emotions tied to our survival as humans. Some of these include happiness, anxiety, disgust, and sadness. So, what about anger? Despite its negative connotation due to how it manifests in some individuals, anger is normal and healthy. Sometimes, anger is what pushes us to make positive changes or combat injustices. Even if […]

Managing Travel Issues

I am grateful for opportunities to practice the skills I help others build. This weekend, I practiced, and was reminded of, the importance of focusing on what I can control, asking for help, and maintaining supportive relationships. Quarterly, a group of former graduate students meet to work on various projects. This meeting began as an […]

The Distressing Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder and How Therapy Can Help


When people are excessively self-conscious and overwhelmed by daily social situations, they may have social anxiety disorder – previously known as social phobia. One’s fears of being embarrassed, judged, or watched can be so intense that it interferes with their daily life, social life, and functioning at work. If left untreated social anxiety disorder can […]

Common Relationship Challenges and How Couples Counseling Can Help

Many individuals believe that having a partner is the ultimate source of support – the meaning of their existence, even. Even the healthiest partnerships, though, encounter challenges. It takes work to keep a relationship and intimacy intact. Not only that, but relationships require consistent effort, communication, and flexibility as each individual inevitably changes and grows. […]

Tips for Dealing with Workplace Issues and Stress


One’s workplace can often seem like a magnet for issues and stress. And how could these not be prevalent when most adults spend almost one-third of their lives at work? Some jobs are inherently highly stressful, some are associated with higher levels of depression, and others with higher rates of substance abuse. In addition to […]

How Do I Stop My Controlling Behaviors?

why am I controlling

We all want to feel happy and safe in life. However, some people will go to greater lengths than others to feel this way. If you are someone who exhibits controlling behaviors, they are likely rooted in anxiety and fear. You thrive on predictability and over-planning because you like to know everything that will happen. […]