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What Dr. Stevie Offers:

What to Expect: The counseling experience from start to finish

Setting the appointment: Many times, after we make our initial appointment, we feel great! We have a plan in place, we know hope is on the way! This alone can start the healing process.

I send electronic paperwork for you to complete before the first session. This introduces you to the practice and its policies, lets me know some basic information, and informs you of your rights as a client.

The first appointment: It is absolutely normal for people to get a little nervous waiting to be called inside (most offices have some sort of waiting area) the office for their first appointment. I mean, you are about to sit down with a total stranger and talk about FEELINGS! AHHHH! Often this is a person’s first time in treatment. So, nerves are expected.

I greet my new clients and offer water or coffee, show them where the bathroom key is, then bring them into the office. Clients can sit anywhere there is a comfortable seat, though most choose the sofa. Then we begin!

The first session assesses what is going on in your world. I want to get to know you, and the best way to do that is for you to talk. I’ll offer prompts, such as “what brings you in?” or “So you shared with me…tell me more about that” to get you started. The goal is to get a good foundation of your current circumstances, a history leading to your experiences, and your goals for counseling.

We will schedule a follow-up appointment, usually one week after the initial. This time gives you opportunity to process some of the things we talked about, and security that we will meet again.

After sessions, it is common to feel:

  • Happy because you “got it off your chest”
  • Tired, since sharing feelings can be exhausting
  • Hopeful, as there is a solution in sight
  • Disappointed, it may not have gone the way you expected
  • Excited for the next appointment

The second appointment:  Now you are a pro! You know where the bathroom is, you are confident in your coffee choice, and you smile at the various people who arrive while you wait. You are ready for this!

The second session focuses on your experiences since the first meeting. Counseling introduces new ways of seeing the world, so it is important for me to learn how our conversation has impacted your experiences. We are still assessing each other (yes, you get to judge me, too) to ensure it’s a good fit.

Then we work on goals. Counseling is goal driven, so we need to know where we are going. Together we create a plan for treatment. We will regularly assess this plan to ensure it continues to fit with your life. We arrange our next meeting(s).

The treatment: The “real work” begins around the 3rd session. We have a healthy connection. We have a direction. We are committed to making changes. We are making it happen.

However, change is not easy. There will be ups and downs. There are days when we can conquer the world! Then there are days we just want to hide in bed. This is normal, but change happens when we challenge the norm.

Growth can be uncomfortable. Share these feelings with me. We will work through it. All experiences tell us something about what is going on, and this is how we learn and grow. The more you share, the greater your experience.

During the treatment phase, my job is to keep you motivated to accomplish your goals. I’m like a personal trainer, but for your mind.

You hire the personal trainer to push you out of your comfort zone. The personal trainer motivates you, holds you accountable, and has the knowledge and experience to get you to your goals. You expect the challenge and see the reward from your hard work.

You can work out on your own, but we hire the trainer because he has more knowledge. He can push you harder than you can push yourself. The trainer is you coach and cheerleader all in one.

The more you work and challenge yourself in counseling, the better the results. I will guide you and offer you feedback. You get to show up, do the work, and see the results!

Maintenance: With dedication and effort, you will achieve your goals. You put so much effort into your change, now we get to maintain it.

Like many diets, it’s not the losing weight that’s the challenge, it’s keeping it off. Maintenance sessions help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

To help you succeed, initially we will meet weekly. This will decrease as your successes increase. As you improve, we meet less frequently. I am committed to your success, and the best form of success is for you to not “need” me.

You and I will discuss the most effective maintenance schedule.

Crisis: Things come up for everyone. Should you experience a crisis, reach out. We will discuss the best method for your crisis management.

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"One of the best decisions I've made in a long time...forever grateful for the love and understanding they give without expecting a thing but for you to succeed."
Coaching Client

About Stevie

Dr. Stevie’s interest in helping people began at 16, spending her free time observing interpersonal interactions. She wrote in countless journals her observations of and experiences with people. 

This interest became passion as she aided those struggling with suicidal thoughts, responded to military sexual assault victims, and sought out every opportunity to help others effectively communicate with each other.

Dr. Stevie now utilizes her wide range of experiences to counsel her clients through life transitions, depression, anxiety, family conflict, relationship issues, and various trauma. She is grateful to be apart of others’ journeys.