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About Dr. Stevie

Dr. Stevie has been helping people be their best selves for almost two decades. Her unique perspective comes from a diverse background of interests, experiences, and academic study.

Before earning her counseling license, Dr. served four years as a military officer. During this time she engulfed herself in organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and leadership training, and completed her Master’s in Management. Observing the young service members’ personal difficulties transitioning from military to civilian life inspired Dr. Stevie do something to help.

Upon completion of her Air Force duties, Dr. Stevie earned her Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology. As a counselor, she noticed that challenges express themselves through family conflict, addiction, and poor work performance. To best tackle this problem and help people return to their confident and productive selves, Dr. Stevie works with individuals struggling with addictions, families adjusting to new circumstances, and organizations that want to see their workforce flourish.

Dr. Stevie’s love of research motivated her PhD in Business Psychology. She continues to stay abreast of new trends, tried and true methods, and alternative ways to use common ideas and approaches. She is excited to share this depth of experience with you to help you reach your best self.

Great relationships are built on quality connection–in the workplace and in the home.